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Ultimate Bicycle Group rides 

The only thing we love to do more than supporting our community for all their cycling needs is going out and ridding !!  Everything from our normal Saturday morning group ride to big mountain trips will be listed on this page. 

Road Bike Group Rides 

Ultimate Bicycle are proud to announce that our Saturday road bike ride is back ( WITH A NEW ROUTE). Join us every Saturday at 8 am at our storefront for a 30 mile ride. The ride is now going to be a two group ride, "A" group will be a spirited pace 18MPH and up. The "B' Group will be more beginner ride but still being able to keep an average of 15MPH and as always a no drop ride.


Mountain Bike Group Rides 

Sunday Group ride at a different trail every week(TBD) If there a weekend you want to organize a trip to mountains or a bike park get in contact with me.(

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